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Are Women Bad Drivers?

I'm sure at some point you have heard the stereotypes about women drivers. But a quick look at the numbers can tell a different story. This infographic we created takes a look at the numbers behind men and women and who is more responsible for car crashes and dangerous driving. 

Women have a bad reputation for being a danger on the road, but are they really? According to a study from University of Michigan, 6.5 million car crashes happen when both drivers are women. This accounts for 20.5 percent of all crashes. Accidents with two male drivers make up 31.9 percent of all crashes and accidents with a male and a female make up 47.6 percent of all crashes. Women are actually 27 percent less likely to cause auto accidents than men.

Typically, men receive more traffic violations than women, especially when it comes to DUI, seatbelt violations and reckless driving. Men have also been found to be more likely to drive 25 mph over the speed limit or get on the roof of a moving car. However, women do have dangerous flaws. Forty-eight percent of women are more likely to use a cell phone while driving and 1/5 of female drivers admit to putting on makeup while driving. From accident and violation statistics to case studies and facts, we've compiled the data so you can make the call.

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Are Women Bad Drivers? 

Statistics about male/female drivers 
  • (According to a study University of MI) 6.5 million car crashes happen when both drivers are women 
    - 20.5% of all crashes 
  • Study by UK Driving Standards Agency: 
    - 40,863 women failed their driving test due to “lack of control” while in reverse
    - only 18,798 men failed for the same reason
    - It is likely that a lack of confidence gets in the way for women
  • Accidents with two male drivers makes up 31.9% of all crashes
  • Male to female crashes make up 47.6% of all accidents
  • 94% of all crashes involving death or bodily harm involve male drivers
  • Women are 27% less likely than men to cause auto accidents
  • While parking in reverse 53% of women are able to center their vehicles 
    - compared to only 25% of men
  • More men than women die each year from auto accidents
  • In crashes of equal severity, women are more likely to be killed or injured
  • An average six month insurance policy is 
    - $765 for men 
    - $698 for women

Men Drivers

  • 80% of all car accidents that are either fatal or produce serious injuries are caused by male drivers.
  • Skill and confidence of the male driver is undermined by
    - aggression and risks
    - speeding
    - drinking
  • Men are 77% more at risk of dying in a car accident than women based on miles driven
  • Men are found to be more likely to
    - drive 25mph over the speed limit
    - ride a motorcycle
    - get on the roof of a moving car

Female Drivers

  • Statistically considered “safer” drivers but stereotyped as “bad drivers”
  • Women are more likely to use a cell phone while driving
    - 48% for women vs. 40% for men
  • 1/5 of female drivers admit to putting on makeup while driving
  • 3% have admitted to causing a collision while distracted by cosmetics
  • women ages 17-21 were found most likely to put beauty before safety

Aggressive Driving Differences:

  • The most aggressive drivers are men between ages 17-35
  • (according to studies) Men honk their horns 3x faster than women when drivers in front did not move on a green light
  • Women have more crashes due to slips or lapses
  • Men have more crashes due to driving violations that tend to be more deliberate and risky 
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