Why Liability Is Important

Raphael Locsin

May 1, 2012

Getting into an accident can change your life. Even if you were not the one at fault, the law may see it differently, and this means that it will be your responsibility to pay for damages to all the vehicles and people involved. This is not something that many of us can afford, so liability coverage is very important. This type of coverage will pay for any damage you are responsible for and can even include physical injury if that is a part of your coverage. Making sure that you are properly covered with liability insurance before you drive is important. At the very least, get basic coverage. This should not be an issue as most states require you to have basic liability coverage anyway.

The two most basic forms of liability are bodily injury and property damage.

This coverage takes care of any issues with medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages that are specific to your legal responsibilities. Your legal costs are also covered by this type of liability coverage. It is highly important to make sure you have sufficient bodily injury liability coverage because in most accidents, medical and legal bills are part of the package. Some of the main things covered by bodily injury liability coverage include:

• Fees dealing with the legal aspect of the accident, including attorney fees, bail bond fees, and anything else involved in this part of the accident.
• Medical bills and expenses for the injuries caused by the accident. This will typically include any future medical treatments that are required for long standing injuries.
• Fees for the emergency personnel that respond to the accident.
• Compensation of lost wages due to being out of work because of injury sustained in the accident.
• Expenses that are incurred if the other party is killed in an accident, such as funeral costs.

Property Damage Liability Coverage:

This coverage takes care of vehicle damage and any other property that sustains damage in the accident. Other property can be damaged if the accident does not involve another vehicle. Maybe you have hit a building or some other tangible item. If this is the case, property damage liability will cover it. In addition, it will also cover bills related to legal fees attached to the accident. Some of the other things that are covered under this liability coverage include the following:

• Replacement or repair of the other party’s car.
• Storage fees incurred when the other vehicle is towed. (Tow fees are also covered)
• Rental of another vehicle for the party who was not at fault.
• Cost for repairing any property, other than a vehicle, that was damaged in the accident.

Keep in mind though that both forms of California car insurance liability coverage have limits. The limit comes to the total amount of money your insurance company will pay out. This amount is dependent on the type of coverage you have opted for. Even though it makes your insurance payment cheaper to have less liability coverage, it may be worth paying the extra money to ensure that you are covered in the event that an accident does occur that you are responsible for making restitution.

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