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Back in October 2011, Shift Insurance opened our doors as an insurance agency specializing in personal and commercial auto. The goal wasn't simply to sell insurance, though. From day one, we aimed to turn Shift Insurance into the number-one insurance resource for all of California. Our philosophy and commitment is to provide the information and knowledge necessary for consumers to make an informed decision about their insurance needs.

Our goal has always been to create an insurance resource that could truly make a difference in drivers' lives, and we've done just that! We've been recognized by our peers as a leader in the industry. Members of our team have been invited to speak at panels and conferences, including delivering a keynote speech at the first-ever Insurance Technologies Corp. Agents Conference in September 2014. Our team has also taken part in expert discussion panels on everything from insurance marketing to automating the customer life cycle.

But here at Shift Insurance, we don't just serve our customers. We serve our entire community…

  • ​We've given college students a way to succeed. Because we know just how important post-secondary education is to personal growth, we created the California Students Scholarship and the Drive to Learn Scholarship.
  • We've also worked hard to create useful resources for local real estate agents and automotive dealerships that provide value to their customers. 
  • We've been busy away from the web, too. In September 2014, we began sponsoring local meet up groups in California that promote positivity throughout the community.

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Raphael Locsin

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About the Founder

Raphael Locsin is the principal agent at Shift Insurance. He is an entrepreneur with a background in sales and management. He started his first business at the age of 23 and through it has found constant and positive growth both mentally and financially. In his free time, he focuses on spending time with family and friends, boxing, biking, and traveling.

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